How do I create Inspections?

Once logged in to the InventoryBase console, click Inspections on the top menu, and select ‘Add New Inspection’ on the top right of the page.

The first screen in the main panel will ask you to create a new Property or select an existing Property. Enter the property address and details at a minimum. 

Be sure to enter the correct furnishing and number of bedrooms so that InventoryBase can apply an accurate quote and template for your inspection. 

The next screen will ask you to enter the Inspection Details. Select the type of report – i.e. Inventory, Check In, Interim, Check Out – then select your preferred date and time for the Inspection to be scheduled, followed by notes specific to the Inspection like Location of Keys and additional details. 

Click Save & Continue to complete creating and scheduling the Inspection, which will be placed as PENDING (pending Administrator assignment).

Inspection reports are accessed by clicking on the Inspection in the Inspections list once they've been marked 'COMPLETE', and clicking View Report on the top right of the Inspection info pane. 

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