Managing Contacts

InventoryBase provides a facility to store Landlord, Tenant and third-party Contact details on an Inpsection, so that InventoryBase knows who to deliver completed reports to and who is expected to Sign. 

To update Contacts, navigate to the Inspection Info page and you'll see a blue Manage link on the right hand side of the page next to the Contacts heading. 

Clicking the blue Manage link will open the Contacts List form to enter name, email address and phone number. 

When Contacts have been added, you'll see indicators on the right hand side of the Inspection Info tab to show you if the expected signees have signed yet or not. 

If you're completing the report using the App on-site, when you mark the report complete, any Contacts requiring a signature will automatically be shown on the Signatures page ready to sign against their name if they are present at the property. 

When a report is marked Complete, all Contacts will automatically receive the email notification with a link to the final report. You'll also be able to track outbound emails via the Share Activity tab:

This gives you a complete audit trail of when emails were sent, when they were opened and read, to use in the event any disputes arise.  

The next time you create an Inspection for the same property, you can easily copy the Contacts through from the previous report. 

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